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For Sale

We currently do not have any refurbished AT2500RQv series analyzers for sale, however, I'm always on the lookout for units that can be purchased & refurbished, with the goal of placing an economically priced unit into an operational cable system. Please contact me if you have a unit you would consider selling so we can make arrangements for me to examine your unit.

This Training DVD contains a four-part  training series on the Sunrise Telecom/ VeEX AT2500 RQv series analyzer, with some applicability to the older AT2000 series as well. It is recorded in 720P HD format. Total run time is 2 hrs 40 minutes. DVD content is as follows:

  1. Introduction and development history.
  2. Manual operation.
  3. Pre-programmed tests via the routines contain in the firmware. These features are therefore firmware dependent.
  4. Software review and fully automated testing via the AT-WEB option.

The support CD contains software programs, software manuals, plus manuals for all versions of AT2500RQv series hardware. To order, contact me at the email address below.